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Hi, My name is Conner Crowe. I’m a 24-year-old Digital Designer in Spokane, Wa. I specialize in Web Design, Video Editing, Photo Manipulation, and branding, I’ve also learned some 3d modeling in my free time. I’m always wanting to learn anything that has to do with technology, so I’ve recently dove headfirst into the world of UI design. I’m more than just a designer, I’m a problem solver and always looking for another challenge.



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Fun Fact! #1

When I was in my second year at SFCC I was given the opportunity to design the poster that would be used for the 2017 Spokane Public Market. Although the market only lasted one year, it was my first time seeing my work in a public location that was being used as an advertisement.

Fun Fact! #2

After I graduated from college I was given the opportunity to fly out to LA and meet Various Social Media Influencers. From there I began to start networking and selling myself as a designer. I then was given the chance to create merchandise designs for social media influencers, I know pretty cool right?

I'm also a video editor?

As well as doing Web and Graphic Design, I also enjoy doing video editing. I’ve edited YouTube videos for influencers such as Adi Fishman, Cey and Jai, Jojo Sim, CeyNoLimit, and more. Although Web Design is my passion, I do enjoy doing video work on the side. If you’re not learning other skills, you’re not improving your worth.

Fun Fact! #3

When I was designing my logo I wanted it to have meaning behind it. With my family name being Crowe, my father would put a simple crow on all of my things that could get mixed up with other people. For example my skis, footballs, baseball gloves, and sports bags.

Before you go

If you cant reach me on the weekends during the winter.
It’s probably because I’m out shredding a freshly groomed run on the mountain!
Take a look for yourself!
This was my first ever video I made back in April of 2016…
(yes, I said April)
Don’t judge me on the quality…
It was my first time using video editing software lol!
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