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My name is Conner Crowe. I’m a 22-year-old Graphic and Web Designer with a passion for technology and art.

When i was 14 in the summer of 2011 I began making logos and YouTube backgrounds for smaller sized YouTubers. From there I realized that this could be something that I could pursue as a career. I began watching YouTube tutorials on Photoshop and Illustrator as well as learning the basics of 3D Modeling in Cinema 4D.

Fast-forward 4 Years later to 2015 I enrolled in the Graphic Design Program and began mastering the principles of Graphic Design. By the time I started my classes, I had a very strong understanding of Photoshop and Illustrator. Which gave me a head start although, it didn’t prepare me for the other skills needed for Graphic Design. Such as understanding terms like “white space” “Kerning” “Typography” “Hierarchy” “Complementary” etc.

After two years of Graphic Design, I fell in love with Web Design and Front-End Web Development. I then decided that I wanted to learn more so I started using websites such as Codecademy, and Udacity. 

Now that I learned some basic coding languages I decided that I wanted to learn more about WordPress. We were always told about WordPress in my college classes but we never went over it. So I took it into my own hands and began watching as many YouTube crash courses and tutorials.

Two years of learning how to use WordPress efficiently and finding out tips and tricks I’ve now built 5 websites that are being used by companies that are local to me and based in LA.

When I'm not working

my free time

Photoshop Art

In the little free time, I enjoy photography and creating beautiful photo manipulations. My favorite parts of creating these in seeing the reaction of other people when they see what happens when you mix imagination with reality.


To this day I still watch YouTube tutorials in Photoshop to learn new tricks to create amazing images. I believe that you can never stop learning, and that learning one new thing a day will make me the best artist that I can be.

Web Design

As well as watching YouTube tutorials on Photoshop I love to find new things that I can do with WordPress, and anything Web Related. and brushing up on my Front-End Web Development Skills.

Lets create together


things i enjoy


things i enjoy

The biggest thing that got me into Graphic & Web Design was computers, and how they Worked. In 2015 I build my first PC which I ended up falling in love with. I loved learning how things worked, and what was required, rather than buying a pre-built PC.

While I’m not messing with my computers or any of the website I manage, you can find me on the mountain, whether its winter or summer. I have the biggest passion for skiing, I was thrown onto my first pair of skis when I was 2 years old and started ski racing when I was 5. When its Summer is either out Hiking and Exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest, longboarding, or at the lake wakeboarding or water skiing.